Find My iPhone App Helps Paramedics Find Injured Teen


Find my iPhone is no longer just for tracking down a phone thief or for finding your iPhone when its lost in your couch. It saves lives too! A 17-year-old boy got into a car crash last week in Santa Barbara, California, leaving the teen injured. The crash occurred at night, so the teen left the car to try to find someone that could help him.

When paramedics arrived the next morning, they couldn’t find the boy inside the car. They then used the Find My iPhone app to emit a loud sound from the boy’s phone and to show his location on GPS. Paramedics were able to find the boy laying on the ground 150 feet from the car and were then able to airlift him to hospital.

If you have yet to download Find My iPhone, now may be a good time. Sure, it’s probably an unintended use of the app, but to be honest, you never know what kind of help it could be during an emergency.

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