Find My Friends App Finally Gets Updated For iOS 7

Apple has finally gone and updated Find My Friends with a new iOS 7 look and feel.

Find My Friends has gotten rid of any signs of fake leather materials or old design choices and has instead been fitted with what seems to be a very nice and slick new interface. Apple doesn’t list any other changes with the 3.0 update besides the new UI.

While Apple updated the interfaces on most of its apps back closer to iOS 7’s launch, there has remained a short list of holdouts. By far the most popular of which would be Find My Friends, which has certainly always been one of the apps most entrenched in iOS 6’s old skeuomorphic design.


The only Apple apps remaining to be updated for iOS 7 are pretty much the ones that no one really uses. It’s unknown when you should expect updates to iAd Gallery or Keynote Remote.

Download the new Find My Friends app for free on iTunes.

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