Finally, an iPhone dock that doesn’t require a naked phone

There are plenty of times when being naked is acceptable, but having to strip down to its birthday suit to get a charge is something that an iPhone shouldn’t have to do, let alone carry a fine. If the Elevation Dock has its way, it may be the single best dock on the market.

The Elevation Dock, yet another Kickstarter project hoping to change the world, has blown past its fund-raising goal of $75,000 and managed to raise $255,922 in a matter of days.

The Dock is both heavy, so it stays on your desk, and elegantly designed. Heck, the dock even has a built-in support pad that lets you use the dock either with, or without, a case. It’s cleverly designed, and it’s something we could have seen Jony Ive coming up with deep in the bowels of his Apple design studio.

The dock is scheduled for an April 2012 release. One thing is for sure, this is going to be on my purchase list next spring. Genius.

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