Telus / Bell is really sticking it to Rogers in speed tests.

Roger’s has the fastest network according to their marketing campaign, but now that Bell/Telus has jumped on the iPhone bandwagon up here in Canada, there’s more competition in the market. Where there’s competition there’s comparisons between devices.

News dropped yesterday that Telus is actually suing Rogers over their advertisement claims that they have the fastest network in Canada. Turns out Telus partnered up with Bell to create a new smoking fast network, and have surpassed the speeds available on the Rogers Network.

Today someone decided to do a speed test in downtown Toronto on both networks and post the video to YouTube. I’d embed the video but it seems like the video creator turned off the embedding ability–god knows why.

You can watch the video here.

If you’re too lazy to click through. The results of the video show the Bell Network pushing 5250 kb/s and the Rogers/Fido network is pushing 2611 kb/s.

That’s a big difference, and if I wasn’t stuck on this god awful Rogers plan I’d be making a switch right now.

I’m glad Telus is doing something about the advertising practices of Rogers. It’s about time companies fight over truth in advertising.

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