FCC Documents Might Have Revealed The 10-Inch Kindle Fire


It looks like some interesting FCC documents show off what might actually be the new Kindle Fire. It’s not from Amazon, but it looks like it might be from an Amazon shell company.

Nate Hoffelder, The Digital Reader:

The thing is, folks, every time Amazon has sent a device through the FCC they used a new front company and then hid the paperwork. This is what Amazon has done for every ereader and tablet since the second Kindle. (The first leaked accidentally.) In fact, when the K4, Kindle Touch, and Kindle Fire went through the FCC, Amazon used 3 front companies. I know Harpers LLC is a front company because the address leads back to a storefront rented by CSC Entity Services, and the guy named on the paperwork as the President of Harpers also works for CSC. Stephen Facciolo shows up on LinkedIn as a service leader for CSC, and that leads me to conclude that CSC is the legitimate front company (corporate services provider) that Amazon hired to run a second front company so that this FCC paperwork wouldn’t get back to them.

While this isn’t a confirmation that we will see a new Kindle Fire at the 10-inch size, there have been rumors swimming around from pretty reliable sources for a while now. At the very least, we can expect Amazon to announce something in the next few months. The Kindle Fire hardware wasn’t great when it launched, so now it is feeling quite long in the tooth. Let’s hope we’ll be wowed with both a serious Nexus 7 competitor and an iPad competitor. It’d be really nice to have a serious non-Android tablet in the market before Microsoft gets off its tush and releases the Surface.

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Source: TDR
Image Credit: Tim Wilson

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