FCC Approves The Pebble Watch, Wait Continues

The FCC has just approved the Pebble Watch in the United States. The FCC documents show off the device’s user manual and many photos of the watch’s internal components and external housing. Gaining FCC approval seems like it was a pretty easy task for the folks behind Pebble as they included a pre-approved Bluetooth module in the device.

Unfortunately for backers, the device already missed its September 2012 release date; however, this approval implies that the device will soon be for sale and that preorders will begin shipping soon. Pebble has been updating its Kickstarter blog quite frequently from its manufacturer in China, so we’re pretty sure that the project is still on track, despite articles to the contrary.

If you’re unaware, the Pebble watch is a wildly successful Kickstarter project that raked in over $10 million dollars in funding in May of 2012. The device itself is a smartwatch which features an eInk screen. The watch integrates with iOS and Android devices and allows you to check on emails, SMS messages and other info straight from your watch. The watch also runs apps that can be installed via the Pebble app on your iOS or Android device. The Pebble watch comes in five different colors and can be preordered for $150 on Pebble’s website.

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