FBI releases 191 page file on Steve Jobs, complete with presidential considerations

The FBI has just dropped a slightly censored 191 page copy of their file on Steve Jobs. The file includes quite a few interesting trails of paper including background screenings for a position in the White House.

The file, which you can peruse yourself here, contains several uncensored bits of information that I found a bit odd. Steve’s social security number is found all over that file, and while it’d be hard to steal the identity of such a recognized figure, it leads me to wonder why they wouldn’t censor it just to be safe.

Among other interesting findings are details of an FBI investigation regarding a bomb threat made against the Steve, with the crazy man trying to solicit funds from the late Apple founder in 1985. The would-be extortionist made his threats from a phone booth in the parking garage of the San Francisco International Airport and demanded 1 million dollars.

Outside of those couple of things, the file is fairly lackluster. It would have been interesting to read about a “pre-Apple” Jobs and his exploits as seen through the eyes of a government agency. This really got my gears turning, as I hope my FBI file is way more impressive by the time I kick the bucket. Any suggestions?

Source: FBI <–Who’d a thunk?

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