Fake iPhones come hurtling down from an 18th floor window

Recently, people on the street in Shenzhen, China, got a surprise from above —  a batch of iPhones, flying out of an 18th floor window.

Police raided the Shenzhen Shop after the local authorities received a tip off. The four chinese phone dealers inside decided it would be a great idea to throw several hundred fake phones and cases out of the window. I’m not sure why they thought throwing them would make the evidence magically disappear, but they tried anyway. Some of the phones were also labelled as the new iPhone 5.

Once the dealers realised the police were on to them, they then also attempted to burn transaction records, but the police arrived just in time for them to recover a customer database. Several cars and fences were damaged by the flying iPhones, but luckily no one walking the street below got hurt.

The four men are now in custody. This starts the beginning of a huge crackdown that the authorities are now making. In August, the World University Summer Games will be held in Shenzhen and they do not want this to taint the city’s image.

Article Via TiPB and Cult Of Mac

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