Facepalm: FaceTime kinda exploitable, but not really

So, everyone’s panicking that FaceTime is exploitable and opens a huge security hole. But get this, in order for the exploit to be carried out, you have to have FaceTime open. Someone has to physically gain access to your computer with FaceTime logged in and running.

Yup, you read that right. Logging into an application and leaving a computer unintended could result in a “hacker” altering your Apple ID and changing the password, in order to, oh I don’t know, buy you a new MacBook Air or something, or maybe buy you some Britney Spears tracks in iTunes so they can embarrass you in front of your Ping friends.

Who the hell knows what the hacker could do with your Apple ID. All kidding aside, they could get some credit card and address information from Apple, but again, keep in mind you have to be logged into FaceTime, and they have to take over your computer physically.

I don’t remember the last time a hacker stole a laptop from a Starbucks for an Apple ID, do you? Here’s our advice: do not leave you computer unattended in public, do not use public computers, and stop being so naive when it comes to Apple rumors. We recommend reading the Ars post so you can have a laugh, and then the TUAW article for some awesome snark from Dave Caolo.

Article Via Arstechnica and TUAW

Photo Credit: GameSpot Forums

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