Facebook’s Poke App Quickly Fizzles

Facebook Poke, a SnapChat clone, recently fell from the number one most downloaded free application on the App Store to under number 700. The app launched a month ago at the top of the App Store and stayed there until a few days after Christmas. The app then started falling rapidly in the charts in the beginning of January. If this trend continues, Poke may soon fall out of the top 1,000 most downloaded free apps. The application currently sits at number 706.

SnapChat has also taken a hit over the past month, though not nearly as big of a hit as Poke. After Poke was released, SnapChat stole the number three top downloaded free app on the App Store but slowly fell to number fourteen where it resides now. Unlike Facebook Poke’s drop in popularity, SnapChat likely fell in the charts due to the ending of the holiday rush.

This information comes by way of App Annie, a service that tracks app movement in app rankings. The service offers free information on rank movement for millions of apps on the App Store. If you so desires, you can sort the app rankings by country and genre.

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