Facebook To Get Updated With Image Commenting

If you thought your Facebook was lacking in terms of meme usage, expect that to soon change. Facebook is in the process of rolling out a new feature that allows users to post pictures directly as comments, for all those responses that just can’t be summed up into words.


Facebook has now added a camera icon to the comments box, that allows users to upload their own pictures and have them posted directly as a comment. Previously, Facebook supported image previews for images that were being linked, but now pictures can actually be uploaded straight into the comment itself.

The feature is reportedly in the process of being rolled out, with support coming to both desktop and mobile versions. For better or worst, animated GIFs will not be supported.

At the time of this posting, it seems as though I’m already able to comment pictures, although only in certain places on the site. Expect the feature to be fully rolled out soon.

In the meantime, start collecting some good pictures you can use as comments. Here, we’ll start you off.


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