Facebook To Overhaul Messenger App With An iMessage Feel

If you use Facebook’s Messenger app either on your iPhone or on Android, expect to see some dramatic visual changes take place in the near future. Facebook has revealed to The Verge its upcoming update for the messaging app, which does away with some recognizable Facebook design choices.

Goodbye dark blue, hello light blue! As Facebook seemingly tries to separate itself from its messaging app, the company has switched over its color scheme with this new update. The update also incorporates some “flatter” design with its menus, giving an overall vibe that feels exactly like iMessage on iOS 7.

These design changes will pop-up on both iOS and Android versions of the app, with certain Android users having already received a beta version of the update today. Facebook also chose to remove its Android exclusive feature of letting users send and receive SMS messages from within the app. “We made a big deal about the SMS feature and it just didn’t take off,” the company commented.

One feature that’s being added, however, is the ability to add contacts by using your phone number. Give your phone number to Messenger, and you’ll be able to get matched with any contacts that you don’t currently have as a friend on Facebook.

Facebook says that the full update will be released on both platforms sometime in the “coming weeks”.

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