Facebook Officially Rolls Out Graph Search

While some of you may of had it for some time now, ALL Facebook users that use U.S. English as their language should now be getting Graph Search. Originally unveiled back in January, the company is now finally making the feature public.

Facebook revealed in a post today that all U.S. English users should see their profiles automatically updated with graph search. While most users should find their accounts have been updated graph search today, Facebook states that it may take a couple weeks for it to be rolled out to absolutely everyone.

A number of users have already had access to Graph Search, as Facebook has been slowly rolling the feature out to some users since January.

Graph Search brings a completely revamped search interface to Facebook, bringing both a much faster/attractive search as well as one that’s much more powerful. Users can now search for things like “Pictures of my female friends interested in men” or “My friends that live in Canada”. (It can also lead to some more humorous results.)

If you’re concerned about privacy, you should also take a moment to re-examine your account’s privacy settings, as Graph Search makes it much easier for strangers to access parts of your profile.

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