Facebook To Announce Messenger iPad App Tuesday?

Facebook may continue its mobile apps push this Tuesday with new rumors suggesting that the company will finally release an iPad version of its Messenger app. Facebook is set to hold an event on Tuesday to have the press “come and see what we’re building.” The event is set to take place at the company’s corporate headquarters in Menlo Park, CA, and it is expected to bring some big announcements as Facebook rarely hosts events like this at its headquarters.

Many expect Facebook to give the minor announcement that they’re releasing an iPad version of the company’s popular Messenger app. The app likely wouldn’t feature major differences from the phone version, and would rather just be an optimization for the screen size. With Facebook pushing things like voice messages and voice calling into Messenger, it would definitely make sense for them to bring a dedicated app over to tablets.

One other major rumor is the possibility of a Facebook phone being announced at the event. This rumor is hard to get behind as it has been discussed so many times before in the past. Also, you don’t exactly call in the press for a minor application release either, so who knows, maybe there’s some weight behind the rumors this time around.  Wouldn’t recommend holding your breath though.

Tune in Tuesday to find out Facebook’s true master plan.

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