Facebook Launches Shared Photo Albums, Create Albums With Friends

Facebook unveiled an interesting new feature to its photo service today. Users will now be able to add multiple contributors to their albums, allowing up to 50 people contribute to one photo album.

When creating or editing an album, users can now select the “Add Contributors” option, where they’ll select any friends they’d like to be be able to edit the album. Each contributor can upload up to 200 photos to one album, with 50 different contributors being the limit.

The albums have three options when it comes to privacy settings: public, friends of contributors, and contributors only.

Facebook gives the example of shared albums being useful for things like parties, where so many different users are creating albums that not everyone else is able to view. This can help create one or two centralized places where people can seek photos from a particular event.

The feature was created out of a Facebook hackathon event, where Facebook employees are given free time and resources to come up with their own prototypes.

The feature is being rolled out gradually, with only a small number of users gaining access today.

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