Facebook Gets Rid Of Its Search Ads

Your Facebook search bar is about to get significantly more ad-free. Facebook has announced that it has decided to get rid of its “sponsored results” advertisements, which occasionally pop up for users when they’re performing searches on Facebook.

Here’s a look at what sponsored results look like on Facebook: (Note the “sponsored game” and “sponsored movie”)


Facebook announced last week that it would be trimming down its list of 27 different ad units that it currently has in place, as the company tries to figure out which ones work and which ones don’t. We now know that Facebook has decided that its “sponsored results” are one unit that it feels deserves to be trashed.

Here’s the company’s explanation for getting rid of its sponsored results:

In keeping with the goal of streamlining our ad products, starting in July advertisers will no longer be able to buy sponsored results. We’ve seen that most marketers were buying sponsored results to advertise their apps and games, and we already offer mobile app install ads and Page post link ads on desktop to achieve these same goals.

Many had expected Facebook’s sponsored results to take off with the release of Facebook’s Graph Search, although it seems like that wasn’t the case.

Image Credit: All Things D

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