EMI’s a bunch of idiots. They’re pissed at Apple for selling too many records.

Go figure, EMI’s railing against Apple in their annual financial statement because of the power they wield in the music industry these days. It’s not really a revelation that we haven’t heard before, but at some point it gets to be a bit much. If EMI wants to put Apple behind them then they should do something ground breaking and innovative. People love their music, and if there’s a better way for us to consume it than an internet service than we’ll do it. But, to date there’s nothing intriguing, and EMI’s just pissed that Apple’s taken place of record shops around the country.

EMI seems to be very upset that Apple is now the biggest reseller of music in the US, and probably most of the other western world countries. If there was ever a case for a darwin award, this might be it. A companies pissed that an online retailer is selling too much of its music. No wonder the record companies are falling apart at the seams, they don’t even know what their doing anymore.

On that note: It’s Thursday. Tomorrow’s Friday, and it’s time to rock out.

Here’s some loud rock music.

Article Via 9 to 5 Mac

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