Ellen Degeneres in Trouble with Apple?

It seems like daytime talk show host Ellen Degeneres has hit a wall when it comes to poking fun at companies. Those who are regular viewers know that she is always light-hearted when she pokes fun at a company for a product they have. This is the talk-show host that tries to scare her guests with a panda bear; how mean and slanderous could she really be?

On Monday, viewers of the show were greeted with a fake Apple iPhone commercial featuring Ellen who makes the troubled attempt to text her partner Portia. Throughout the video Ellen is stumbling through the interface of the iPhone trying to explain how easy it is to use. Shortly after having trouble she puts her glasses on, and then eventually asks for help.

This was a short 30-second clip that must have sent billions of raging neurons through the people at Apple causing Ellen to update the situation on her show Tuesday. “I got in trouble recently…” Ellen said. “I did a fake commercial for the iPhone…” Ellen really seemed to be generally sorry when apologizing to the people at Apple. She expressed how much she loved the iPhone she has, as well as her iPad and iPod. She even goes on to say if Apple has anything to do with the chain restaurant, she loves IHOP.

You have to wonder what was really said behind the scenes. Did Apple contact Ellen’s team directly? Or did they go to NBC and immediately complain about the content of Ellen’s show? Stranger things have happened of course. Hopefully we don’t have to endure another apology from Ellen in regards to Apple.

Here’s a video of her apology

via Ellen.

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