Elephant Eats Tourist’s iPhone, Drops It Out The Other End

The two most commonly known facts about elephants are: they never forget, and they can’t resist the sweet smooth taste of a nice Apple product sliding down their trunk.

A viral video recently surfaced showing a Thai elephant quickly snatching up and scarfing down an onlooking tourist’s iPhone. The tourists desperately yelled at the elephant’s keeper for help, but sadly, he could only apologize as the Apple hardware was already well on its way down the animal’s digestive tract.

Fortunately, the elephant was gracious enough to stop his torture spree as he later expelled the phone, along with the rest of the day’s meals, into a nice and easily accessible dung pile. The video does seem to have a good chance of being fake or staged; however, it still manages to tell a funny and cautionary tale.

The real lesson to be learned from this story is to upgrade from your damned iPhone 3Gs already. Those rounded corners are just begging to be eaten.

Toby is a writer of word and a lover of Apple, hip-hop, life, and technology.