Drobo muscles its way into SMB

Drobo announced today a new line of business-ready storage devices, the Drobo model B800fs, the Drobo model B800i and the Drobo model B1200i.

The first two models will hold eight 3.5-inch hard drives with gigabit Ethernet connectivity, with the B800i packing SAN-readiness.

The 12-bay B1200i will ship later this year, and is designed for server virtualization in large environments. It’s the only Drobo with redundant power supplies, and it will automatically move data from a high-end disk to a lower-end disk depending its importance. Very cool.

Like the company’s smaller offerings, these products can be managed from a Mac or a PC.

Additionally, DroboCare — 24/7 support for SMB clients — was introduced.

Article Via Macworld

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