Drobo FS released to the masses

I had the luxury of sitting in on a call with Mark Fuccio the Sr. Director of Products and Markets with Data Robotics. They had some big news, and I was pretty excited to hear what they had to say.

The Drobo FS is a new addition the the Drobo linup, and it’s exactly what a lot of people are asking for: a NAS. Small business users, and home office users might be able to connect a drobo to a computer directly, but some of us needed to be able to connect the device to a network directly. The Drobo FS does that, and it’s going to do that well.

We haven’t had hands on time with the Drobo FS, but if it works anything like the Drobo S we’ve been reviewing, consumers will have a very easy time setting the system up on their networks.

The Drobo FS has a Dual Core CPU. The first Core runs a Linux Kernal, and offers up access to typical Linux tools such as rsync, and the second core serves the Drobo’s core function.

I’m pretty excited about the prospects this device has, and I’m seriously considering integrating one into my network. The stock device, sans drives, comes in at $699.00 USD. If you’re the type of person who needs to manage massive amounts of data, this device, along with the rest of the Drobo lineup, is a serious contender in the field.

Having the ability to sync two Drobos in two distinct locations over a WAN is something that is pretty exciting for professionals. Backing up your data in remote locations has never been easier.

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