Don’t Give Up Hope, There’s Now A Cursor For iOS

There are styluses for those who need pinpoint precision in iOS, but what about the rest of us folks who really, really, really don’t want to give up our mouse cursors for iOS? Well, there’s now a cursor for the iPad, and there’s a good chance that it will not only work like you’d expect, but it’ll also eliminate those grimy finger juices you leave behind every single time your dingy paws fling another one of those pesky birds into the annoying green pigs during your epicly long Angry Bird battles.

The Big Big Cursor for iPad is essentially a glorified stylus, but instead of being a pen, the input device is that finger icon we love in OS X. This fun little take on a stylus will only set you back $12.99 USD. Something tells me your kids will love it. Stop being such a curmudgeon, even if you’re using a virtual finger instead of a real finger to navigate iOS. If you really want to get authentic, you can also get an arrow cursor instead, buzzkill.

You can get the Big Big Cursor online.

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