Don’t expect OS X 10.7 to be locked down like the AppStore. Steve says, “Nope.”

I was in the middle of a huge post about the rumors that OS X 10.7 would have apps locked down like the AppStore. Circulating around the internet late last week was the rumour that developers would have to get permission from Apple in order to let users install their software in OS X.

Steve cleared it all up with a one word email.

Fernando Valente wrote to Steve asking if the rumours were true. Steve responded in typical Steve fashion, with a one word answer, “Nope.”

The internet collectively sighed in relief when reading that email response. Could you imagine the mess that would happen if Apple tried to unilaterally implement an AppStore system across all of their platforms retroactively? It’d be a giant mess, and it’s not something that Apple could do on a dime either, it’d take a lot of planning. Surely, the PR on something this big would be catastrophic. People don’t like being locked in, and when it comes to the desktop, that extends across all the typical computing boundaries.

Mac users would revolt.

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