Director of the App Store sells his own Fart Apps

Apple’s App Store Director, the same person who strongly enforces the “no-porn policy” has a hobby: selling fart apps in the App Store.

On Wednesday, Wired revealed that the Director of Apple’s App Store, Phillip Shoemaker, also works for a company called “Gray Noodle.” Some of the applications Gray Noodle has developed include “iWiz,” a urine simulator, and “Animal Farts,” a farting app.

What’s interesting about this, is that Phillip Shoemaker is the one who doesn’t want not-safe-for-work apps on the App Store, and the fact that Apple forbids its employees from having applications on the App Store, unless the app was developed before the employee started working for Apple.

“101 Cocktails,” “Medical Poetry,” and “iWiz,” three apps developed by Gray Noodle, were posted in the App Store after March 9, 2009, which is when Shoemaker began working for Apple. (According to his Twitter account.)

Shoemaker has since removed all content from his Twitter and LinkedIn account that included mentions of his side company.

Image and Article via PCWorld.

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