Developers get first peek at iCloud as Apple seeds OS X 10.7.2

Apple has released the latest beta of OS X Lion, 10.7.2, skipping over 10.7.1, which will likely become a minor update to fix a few initial bugs in the Lion Gold Master.

The only change that has come to light in 10.7.2 appears to be support for iCloud.

Apple’s iCloud service allows users to keep their data synced across all of their devices and computers. The service was announced this year at WWDC and is set to launch with iOS5 this fall.

Developers seem to now have the ability to add their iCloud account and start syncing their calendars, contacts, and bookmarks. As of yet, though, Photo Stream is disabled, requiring an update to iPhoto which has yet to be released.

This sudden appearance of iCloud suggests that iOS5 is just around the corner — hopefully accompanied by some new hardware as well.

It’s also being widely reported that the update cannot be applied if you are running Lion Server.

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