A Desk as Sexy as your Mac

This amazing piece of engineering is from the folks at Heckler Design, and it’s called OneLessDesk. It looks perfectly at home with any Apple devices you may have. From their site, they describe it as:

“At one time, you needed a desk that could fit a mountain of paper, two-foot-deep monitor, printer, and CPU the size of a Labrador. Today, your computer is an inch thick. You have moved forward. It’s time your desk caught up.

Heavy-duty, fully welded, steel construction. Like no other desk.”

Check out the video on YouTube of the amazing build of it:

It’s designed so there are two main pieces and one pushes just under the other, so it will only take up 12″ of space when it’s put away. The surface of it comes with another product from them, the OneLessDeskPad, which looks like an ideal surface for computing (unless you got one of the new Magic Trackpads and don’t need a surface for your mouse anymore). I love the back of this too, it has grooves so you can tidy away all those cables and enough space so you could put a TIme Capsule, Mini Mac or other external devices.

There are also several colours but I think I’m more into the slate style of it, well if I could afford it of course… this beauty rings in at $699 for the desk and $1047 as the set. The set includes a sweet printer stand and a small file drawer underneath. You might want to look up their more affordable iPad stand if you do check out their site.

Article Via applegazette.com

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