Dell To Preload Ubuntu On XPS 13 Ultrabooks

In June, Dell released information on its “Project Sputnik” laptop. And while Dell doesn’t plan on launching into space any time soon, they do plan to bring an Ubuntu-based ultrabook to the masses. Dell recently released more information on this ultra book, such as a rough release date and more information on specifications.

Dell has stated that the XPS 13 will be launched running Ubuntu 12.04 “LTS Precise Pangolin”. This ultrabook won’t be launched everywhere, but we can expect it in the U.S. sometime this fall. As of now, the XPS 13 with Ubuntu is aimed towards developers working with Linux. If you’re unaware, the XPS 13 is Dell’s current flagship ultrabook that looks a lot like the MacBook Air. The XPS 13 features a 13-inch screen, 128GB SSD and a standard backlight keyboard. Currently the XPS 13 with Windows 7 costs $999. There is no word on how much the Ubuntu version will cost when it launches.

Personally, I think this laptop will be a big hit with developers, Ubuntu fans and IT professionals. However, because of its niche, I don’t think you’ll see this laptop at your local Best Buy anytime soon. Now that you’ve heard my opinion on the Ubuntu Ultrabook, what do you think of it? Will it be a hit, or a complete fail? Tell us in the comments!

Source: PCWorld

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