Deckster throws its hat into the iWatch ring, doesn’t disappoint

There are three things I love about the Deckster First : Class. First, they’re Canadian. Second, they’re from Ottawa (my home town). Third, they’re throwing their hat into the iWatch game.

Deckster First : Class is built from aircraft-grade aluminum and rocks a genuine leather band. It’s also sourced and made in Canada, which is pretty damn cool if you ask me.

The watch band takes the concept of a tape deck and brings it back again in an iWatch. You pop it, insert your iPod nano, then lock it. It’s that simple.

We’re going to be taking one for a spin over the next couple of weeks, and getting a member of the Deckster team onto our video podcast to talk about the project a little bit next week. Make sure you subscribe to our podcast.

Video of the Deskter First : Class Promo Spot from n-product inc on Vimeo.

An Aside

There’s an important lesson to be learned here by the way: there’s a lot of cool things happening in Ottawa right now, and you should really be keeping your eyes on products that are shipping from my neck of the woods (Headquarters, Notify, Network Hippo).

Stop looking to SF for innovation. There’s probably a lot going on in your own backyards that you don’t know about.

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