Cultured Code working on ‘impressive and beautiful’ syncing for Things

The fine folks behind Things have finally spoken-up publicly, through the written word, about the upcoming cloud sync service they will be releasing for Things.

The post is worth a read if you’re interested in the complexities of syncing data across various networks, and the problems associated with doing the transfers (merging multiple datasets).

The short version of the post is that Cultured Code has been working on their system for syncing, and they’re finally at the point where they’re working on implementing the technology and pushing it into Things.

There’s no mention of over the air (OTA) syncing in their post, outside of alluding to the problem of updating your data on a mobile device and then having it push the data through to the sync process.

The Cultured Code team is going to be releasing a series of posts explaining the process of creating their syncing platform, through which they’ll probably reveal more details about what we can expect.

So if OTA syncing in Things is of importance to you, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve subscribed to their feed.

Photo Credit: Cultured Code

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