Courier gets an update: now supports Mobile Me

Real Mac Software’s Courier has just been bumped to version 1.1. The popular file sharing service lets you set up pre-defined envelopes, all with different service attachments, so you can drop a file into it and have the file uploaded to multiple sources.

Previously the application supported web services such as Flickr, Facebook, and YouTube, but left out Mobile Me.

Version 1.1 fixes some problems, and along with some other stability issues, they’ve also added Mobile Me to their repitoire. I’ve been using the application to manage the podcast files and video files for the site, and it works really great.

The application is $19.95 on the RealMac Software website, and you can read our review of it here.  Frankly, I recommend giving the trial version a try if you find yourself moving files to multiple web services and web servers. Manually uploading a video podcast to three locations gets pretty tedious pretty quickly.

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