CNBC to Air Apple Documentaries Welcome to Macintosh and MacHEADS

If you’re a giant Mac geek like most of us here at Macgasm, then you probably devour a lot of the Mac culture stuff, video documentaries included. But, if for some strange reason you haven’t seen the Welcome to Macintosh, or MacHEADS documentary as of yet, CNBC will be giving you the chance starting today at 9:30PM ET.

Both of the films are extremely well made, and cover a lot of Apple history. As someone who didn’t “convert” to the Mac until a couple years ago, the histories on Apple have become a valuable way to catch up with the companies history. Both documentaries do a great job of illustrating the culture in the Apple community, and I’d highly recommend giving them a watch.  Here’s the upcoming schedule from CNBC:

  • Tuesday, 1/5 at 22:00pm
  • Wednesday, 1/6 at 1:00am
  • Thursday, 1/7 at 19:00pm
  • Friday, 1/8 at 12:00am
  • Saturday, 1/9 at 19:00pm
  • Sunday, 1/10 at 22:00pm

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