Chinese Mod Of An Nvidia Graphics Card Makes For Fanless Operation


Apple and their enthusiasts alike are known for a distaste of fans in computers. If you can hear your computer, we’re not done yet. As devices like the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV become more and more dominant, more people are coming to expect silent electronics. Sadly, most traditional computers still need fans to keep things cool. That’s why this modification of the GeForce GTX 680 graphics card is so interesting — no fans!

Adi Robertson, The Verge:

The iGame GTX 680 starts with a 28nm Nvidia GeForce card, as a lot of graphics board makers do. From there, it skips the usual fan in favor of two detachable aluminum fin heatsinks and a total of 20 heat pipes. It’s the first time we’ve seen passive cooling made possible on a high-end graphics card like the GTX 680, as well as a testament to Nvidia’s power efficiency this time around.

Even if it isn’t practical, it is still worth keeping an eye on. If it is possible to make it happen with current technology that anyone can buy off the shelf, in the near future, we might actually start seeing high-end graphics cards ship without fans. It’s nice to think about. Who wouldn’t want their iMac or Mac Pro to be unnoticeable in the decibel department? Coolness and efficiency are finally about to meet substantial horsepower in the middle, and we like what we’re seeing.

Hattip: The Verge
Image Credit: Kenneth Lu

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