Check out this new iPhone case mounting system called the Quad Lock

A new quick locking system for your iPhone has made its way onto Kickstarter, looking for a couple of your hard-earned dollars so they can make their project a reality.

The Quad Lock is a quick-locking system that lets you click and twist your iPhone case into a number of mounts that you can use in a number of very interesting settings. Highlighted in the video below is a system for mounting your iPhone onto a mirror, a bike, as well as a few other pretty awesome situations.

If you’re the type of person who wishes you could mount your iPhone easily, the Quad Lock is for you.

We haven’t played with one in person, but after watching the video, we have a suggestion: how about a Quad Lock mount that plugs into a normal electrical socket? It would be awesome to charge your phone this simply, and still make use of it in your Kitchen while it’s mounted to the wall. It would easily find a home in my kitchen if this happened. Heck, if they can get the locking mechanism into a case for my iPad I’d be even more impressed.

Quad Lock is looking to raise $20,000 and they’re already sitting pretty at $12,000. You can pledge as little as $25.00. At that price you can pick up the standard set for free. Win-win if you ask me.

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