CBC brings AirPlay video streaming to their app

Most of us probably envisioned AirPlay being bigger than it has been to this point. While many apps are capable of streaming video content to the Apple TV, very few major players, most notable of which are the major cable networks, have actually brought anything to their apps other than audio streaming.

Turns out it’s taken a Canadian company to really lead the charge. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has updated their iPad application to include AirPlay video streaming capabilities to their application.

As a Canadian, I have to say I’m pretty surprised, and a little bit proud, that the CBC is leading the charge. The update is only available in the Canadian App Store, and it’s free. So, should you live in Canada, and enjoy any of the original CBC programming, you can now watch it on your TV, sans cable. That’s pretty huge.

As a quick note, none of the other CBC apps, like the CBC Hockey edition, have been updated with AirPlay functionality.

Photo Credit: DJW

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