Some Canon Pixma printers will soon be AirPrint compatible

It’s been a slow trek, but it looks like Apple’s AirPrint technology is about to get another boost from a third-party printer company, and this time it’s a big one — Canon.

Canon has just announced that some, but not all, of their Pixma printers (MG5320, MG6220, MG8220) can now take wireless print requests from the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch using Apple’s AirPrint technology. Canon now joins HP and Epson as the only companies currently taking advantage of the AirPrint technology. But the question remains, who prints anymore?

Okay, maybe I should rephrase that. I don’t print any more. All documents end up as PDFs or text files that I can peruse on my iPad. There may be some cases where printing is absolutely needed (tax filings), but even then it’s a rarity for me.

I own a networkable (Bonjour support included) color Lexmark laser printer and it just sits in my closet collecting dust. I’m not exactly sure AirPrint is going to change that for me, ever.

Do you still print? If so, why?

Source: Canon
Via: Macworld

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