You Can Now Use Prepaid Gift Cards When Buying Through Paypal

If you find yourself gifted a prepaid gift card over the holidays, you now have some more options of where you can use it.

Paypal has just launched a new feature which allows users to pay with a prepaid gift card through PayPal Checkout. While some websites might typically have trouble accepting these types of cards, the cards can now be easily used on any website that accepts PayPal.

The next time you receive a prepaid gift card, you no longer have to wonder where you can spend it online. As long as the merchants you are shopping with accept PayPal, you can be assured that you now have extra buying power on top of your existing debit, credit cards or banks.

PayPal states that most issues regarding using prepaid gift cards online come from users having to manually set the card’s billing address, with it having found that only one in four people were able to successfully complete an online transaction. PayPal says that after “months of research and investigations” it has found a patent-pending solution that addresses this issue.

The new functionality is available now on any site that accepts PayPal.

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