Buy Your iPhone 5S or 5C With Virgin Mobile And Save $100


If you’re really strapped for cash and have been looking for the cheapest option when it comes to buying a new iPhone, you should definitely give Virgin Mobile a look. Sprint’s prepaid cellphone brand has just released Apple’s new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, and the company is selling them unsubsidized for $100 cheaper than Apple or most other major carriers.

The price cut allows for shoppers to pick up a 16GB 5C for just $449, or a 16GB 5S for just $549. While the phones come off-contract, the devices will only work on Virgin or Sprint’s network. This means if you buy one of the phones, don’t expect to move it over to another network after you do so.

Virgin Mobile also offers some of the cheapest plans around, as $35 gets you a plan with unlimited data. (Although your speed starts getting capped after 2.5 GB)

If you really want a new iPhone but really want it on the cheap side, Virgin Mobile certainly looks like one of the better ways to go. Visit Virgin’s online store to order one now.

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