Bondsy Lets You Barter Stuff With Friends

Bondsy is a new iPhone app that brings bartering back to the modern world. The app launched on the App Store recently and has already made a few successful transactions that’ve included coffee beans, bacon and a Wii. The developers want to keep the app’s audience intimate, so that people will be able to trust each other when making transactions.

How will they do that? By allowing users to trade with friends and friends of friends instead of with complete strangers online, the company thinks they can set up, and maintain, a circle of trust between users. To add an even more personal aspect to the app, users can link their Facebook and Twitter accounts in Bondsy.

When listing products on the service, you can upload a photo, a few words, and a freeform price tag. The price tag allows you to specify what’d you like to trade the item for, and aside from physical items, Bondsy users can also trade skills, experiences, and favors with other users. When someone finds something they’d like to trade for on the service, they can simply tap the ‘Grab’ button and arrange the transaction.

Bondsy is completely free to use, and  is available in the App Store.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.