Belkin Gets In The Next-Gen Wireless Game


802.11ac, the next generation Wi-Fi standard, is still in the process of being ratified. The spec isn’t official yet, but that hasn’t stopped many from introducing Draft 802.11ac routers. Well, Belkin doesn’t want to be left out of the fun, so they have thrown their hat in the ring.

BusinessWire via MarketWatch:

Featuring Broadcom’s fifth-generation (5G Wi-Fi) 802.11ac chip technology, the Belkin AC1000 DB and AC1200 DB provide gigabit speeds wirelessly to extend network range and provide more reliable coverage at greater distances[…] Belkin’s powerful AC routers make it possible to stream more content to multiple devices virtually anywhere in the home. Ideal for smartphones and tablets, AC technology enables faster web downloads and file syncing with less drainage on battery life.

The AC1000 DB model will be sold for $139.99 USD, and the AC1200 DB model will go for $159.99 USD. It’s not an unreasonable asking price, but it’s probably best to just wait for 802.11ac to be ratified so you can be sure it’ll work perfectly once “ac” devices start becoming available. Since there isn’t much of anything that can take advantage of the faster speeds, upgrading your router now seems silly. Stick with 802.11n for the time being. Heck, even some of Apple’s devices don’t take advantage of all of N’s speed yet. Unless you have $160 USD burning a hole in your pocket, just wait.

Source: BusinessWire via MarketWatch

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