Babak Parviz Reveals Progress And Future Of Google Glass In New Interview

Google Glass, the wearable computer, first appeared last year when Google introduced it at Google I/O in a live stream action sequence, featuring BMX riders, skydivers, and wall repellers. News of Google Glass has been relatively quiet since then, but now Babak Parviz, the man who leads the Google Glass project, has revealed the future of Google Glass in an interview. Here’s some takeaway points from the interview:

  • Augmented reality isn’t the immediate goal for Google Glass, but Parviz believes that in the future augmented reality will become a large part of what Google Glass does
  • New ideas of how this platform can be used are constantly being tried out and experiments are going on all the time in Google.
  • Google is planning to ship it to developers early this year
  • Users can control it with a built-in touch pad, voice commands, or head gestures
  • Right now there are no plans for advertising on this device (emphasis ours).
  • Parviz and the Google Glass team is working on the possibility of accepting phone calls on Google Glass
  • The hope is that the battery life will be sufficient for the whole day.

If you’re interested in more, you can read the full interview here.

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