AT&T Launching Shared Data Plans On August 23rd

AT&T hosts a ton of devices on their network, from phones to tablets to PS Vita’s, and while it’s great to have multiple always-connected devices, it can get pretty pricey to have multiple individual data plans for  each device. That’s why AT&T has introduced their new ‘Mobile Share’ plans. These plans come with unlimited SMS, MMS and calling and share a pool of data. Users can add any type of device to their plan as long as it uses an AT&T SIM card. This includes smartphones, dumbphones, tablets, gaming portables, laptops and mobile hotspots/USB data cards. And while this all sounds good in theory, we have listed the pricing below (which could scare some of you):

1GB (monthly): $40 + $45 per smartphone

4GB (monthly): $70 + $40 per smartphone

6GB (monthly): $90 + $35 per smartphone

10GB (monthly): $120 + $30 per smartphone

15GB (monthly): $160 + $30 per smartphone

20GB (monthly): $200 + $30 per smartphone

After you’ve added a data package and a smartphone (or two), you can add other devices to your plan. These devices all have access to the shared data pool and unlimited calling and texting (if compatible). We have listed the pricing for these addons below:

Dumbphones: $30 per month

Laptops, LaptopConnect cards, Netbooks: $20 per month

Tablets and gaming devices: $10 per month

And that just about sums up AT&T’s new shared data plans. Like we’ve said before, these plans will be available by the end of the month.

Source: AT&T via The Verge via 9to5mac
Image Source: hyku

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