Art exhibit asked if you would vote for Jobs or Obama in a do-over

If you could have a do-over in the last election, who would you vote for? More importantly, if it was an option, would you have selected Steve Jobs over Barack Obama? Artist Weston James is asking this question with a clever art installation titled, “Obama and Steve.”

From Chicago Business:

While viewing “Obama and Steve,” viewers can actually vote on which man has done a better job. James insisted that, “if we removed the restraints and allowed people to elect who ever they felt could get the job done, disregarding the proper qualification and campaigning of today’s politics, would they still choose the current president, or an icon who has changed the dynamics of how the world communicates and interacts?”

The beauty of the installation is that it didn’t show results, only revealing them on January 1,2012. The winner? It was a landslide. Steve Jobs got 2011 votes to Obama’s 350. We’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

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