Apple TV to get update today

Apple TVEarlier today, we reported that Apple sent out a PR email telling the world that iOS 4.2 would be shipped today. The download has yet to go live, but we’re also now hearing that Apple TV will also be getting an update today (around 1PM PST).

It makes a lot of sense that Apple would drop an Apple TV update at the same times as iOS 4.2, since the Apple TV doesn’t fully support AirPlay yet. But, keep in mind that Apple made no mention of an Apple TV update in their PR note.

Macworld is reporting that iOS 4.1 for Apple TV will bring with it VoiceOver functionality that will be available from an accessibility menu, in addition to complete AirPlay integration.

It has also been noted that AirPlay will ship without password protection, but that users can customize access through password protection should they want it.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty interested to see how this AirPlay technology plays out with my TV and iPad. This could be the beginning of apps on the Apple TV.

Article Via AppleInsider

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