Apple’s starting to take battery concerns seriously.

Ever since the launch of the very first iPhone model people have been complaining about the battery life of their iPhones. I never really bought into all the problems, and certainly didn’t understand how it could be so much shorter than a blackberry–until I got one of my own.

There’s a massive disconnect between a typical cellular user and an iPhone user. We use our devices a lot different, and the iPhone certainly became a media hub for most. We play games, watch movies, listen to music, and occasionally take calls with them. That was unprecedented at the time, so it became fairly obvious that iPhone users would use their phones far more extensively than a blackberry user.

If I use my phone like I’d use a BlackBerry, my iPhone would easily last a couple of days before I had to recharge it. But, things have changed now, and the iPhone needs some more juice if it’s going to compete. There’s a reason a side market has popped up, and that iPhone and Touch juice packs have been selling like hot cakes.

Apple has finally took notice, and decided to do a little research about it. They’ve contacted some users, asked them to install a battery logging application on their device that lets them sync their usage with iTunes, and then submit their logs to Apple. This is going to let Apple evaluate the usage patterns of its users, and hopefully take that information to their engineers and come up with a solution.

Is it just me, or does battery technology really need a shot of adrenaline these days?

Via AppleInsider

Image Credit: fahrenheit45one and Ben Dodson

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