Apple’s Mobile Ad Guru, Andy Miller says good bye to Apple, hello to Highland Capital

Apple’s mobile advertising department is likely losing its leader, as Andy Miller is rumored to be on his way out. Andy is said to be accepting a general partner gig with Highland Capital, the firm that started his alma mater, Quattro Wireless.

Andy landed the VP of Mobile Advertising gig at Apple after our favorite fruit branded company bought Quattro Wireless, a mobile advertising that Miller had co-founded.

Since he began working at Apple, Andy Miller had been reporting directly to Steve Jobs. Andy has helped Apple grow its iAd platform into something truly unique and different in a sea of mobile advertising companies. You may remember that Apple was originally planning on aquiring AdMob. That deal fell through when Google swooped AdMob up from under Apple’s feet.

At Highland, Miller will be working to help operate a wide variety of digital companies, and not simply focusing on advertising. With his eclectic background, Highland is looking to utilize his skills across a broader landscape.

Source: All Things D

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