Apple’s Jony Ive To Design Limited Edition Leica Camera To Auction Off For Charity

Jony Ive, the genius behind the design of so many Apple products, is partnering up with Leica to design a one-time special limited edition Leica camera that will be auctioned off with all proceeds to be donated to charity.

This news was announced last night at Leica’s special event by the owner of the company, Dr. Andreas Kaufman, after the all-new Leica M was announced. Jony Ive was supposed to be present at the event to announce the news with Kaufman, but he was unable to make it.

This camera will put a whole new spin on limited edition as only a single unit of this camera will ever be produced. It will be auctioned off in collaboration with Bono, the lead singer of U2. It’s unclear if this is with CodeRED or a different charity effort.

The design process has not yet started so the camera won’t be unveiled anytime soon. The standard Leica M is expected to retail at $7,000 so Jony Ive fans and Leica fans should expect to pay a hefty amount for a product this exciting. Keep your eyes peeled, and your checkbook open, for when this limited edition camera becomes available.

Source: PetaPixel via Gizmodo
Image Credit: Uncrate

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