Apple’s iSlate specs released… kinda.

Most of us are just getting back to work today after a long holiday that included way too much food, and way too little sleep. Much to our chagrin, we’ve received some emails about iSlate specs being released, and we believed it, for a whole 20 seconds. I’m blaming the copious amount of sugar that was eaten over the holidays.

Anyway, speculation is off the charts as we get closer to the impromptu Apple event at the end of January, so it’s no wonder that people are starting to create rumours about possible upcoming Apple devices, and these iSlate specs easily fit into that category. The spec-listings are pretty powerful for a mobile device-ereader-ipodish game changer. You could almost edit video on the device that’s being referenced, heck,  it even has a built in projector listed. It might not be out of the realm of possibilities, but I’m a little skeptical about the “iSlate” having a projector attached to it.  I just don’t see it being all that useful to the majority of the iSlate’s anticipated market.

A lot of blogs are arguing that these documents are fake because Apple Inc. has not sent their rabid lawyers out with take down notices yet. That may be true, but here’s a thought, what if Apple Inc. created the documents to generate some buzz, and/or throw us off the scent? Tech companies do it all the time, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Apple was getting in on the guerilla marketing tactics.

Whatever the real story is behind these documents are we’ll never know, but we do know one thing for certain, people are intrigued about the iSlate/Tablet, and rumours are only just getting started.  It should be an interesting couple of weeks.

What are your thoughts on the documents attached below?  Is the device going to be that powerful?  If RAM is expandable up to 8GB, like the document suggests, we might be looking at a future laptop replacement as opposed to a companion device to the current Apple lineup.  It’s interesting times for personal computing, and the tablet could play a major role in changing our current expectations of what a personal computer needs to be today.  Isn’t that what Apple does best, Change the game?

Leaked Document in Question

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