Apple’s iOS 6 In-App Purchase Protections Put A Stop To Russian Hacker

Russian hacker, Alexey Borodin, has caused quite the ruckus over the past two weeks with his in-app purchasing flaw. But it looks like Apple has finally put an end to it by shutting down hosting servers, banning IP addresses and adding new protections to its iOS 6 firmware.

Posting on his blog, Borodin admitted “the game is over.” After looking closely at Apple’s new in-app purchase protections, he says there’s “no way to bypass updated APIs.”

Last week Apple announced a temporary fix for developers, a procedure that is not included in its current framework. It gives developers a chance to use parts of APIs that they would not normally have access to in order to implement an immediate fix before it’s updated to iOS 6. In other words, until iOS devices are updated to iOS 6 or developers apply the new in-app purchasing checks and validate receipts, users can still use the In-Appstore service to download app content for free.

Borodin has also noted that his mobile service will keep working until iOS 6 is released. He also said that he is working on a more OS X-focused platform. His technique for OS X is similar to the iOS in-app purchasing flaw and works to override Apple’s current receipt system for developers.

Borodin announced that it had reached 8,460,017 free purchases last week. With rumors floating around that Mountain Lion will be released in the next few days, it’s possible that Apple has already added similar checks to avoid this issue.

Source: The Next Web and In-AppStore
Image Credit: The Mobile Indian

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