Apple’s data center is almost ready to kick out the jams

The 500,000 square-foot data center in North Carolina is almost ready to unleash the packets, and Data Center Knowledge is reporting that the the data center is fully operational. If that’s not enough, there’s a rumour floating around North Carolina that Apple plans on doubling the size of the center. The Charlotte Business Journal broke the story, which was later picked up by All Things Digital.

So, what’s the data center for?

It’s been rumoured that the data center could be for streaming services, such as iTunes, MobileMe, and television rentals. With the MacBook Air getting a mediocre sized solid-state drive, it could be possible that Apple’s planning on taking a lot of their services to the cloud. “Saving to disk is slowly becoming a fixture of the past and, as Apple’s recently rejiggered Apple TV business model demonstrates, streaming is the future.” If you’ve spent any time with Google Docs or SimpleNote on the iPad, you know exactly what we mean. Why worry about syncing your computers when you can just access your files in the cloud.

No one knows for sure what kind of packets will be pushed out of the center, but one thing’s for certain: the soon to be one million square-foot data center is expecting to move something huge.

Article Via Apple Insider

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