AppleCare now transferable

Apple has updated their AppleCare policy to include product transfers. An internal memo was leaked yesterday; the contents of the leaked image clearly indicate that AppleCare is now transferable. This does not mean that you have the ability to transfer your AppleCare to another individual. What “transferable” means is that Apple’s “officially” giving you the ability to take your existing AppleCare with you when you upgrade, instead of having to cancel it, and repurchase AppleCare for a new device. There are two caveats in the memo:

  1. The product covered by the agreement must have been purchased within the past 30 days,
  2. The new product must be of the kind that can be covered for by that agreement.

After chatting with some Apple retail employees, it seems like the practice was already happening, but it was happening “unofficially.”

So, if you’ve purchased AppleCare and registered it to your machine’s serial number, but have since upgraded, all you have to do is call Apple and have them transfer the AppleCare to your new machine.

It’s that simple.

Article Via Boy Genius Report

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